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Ponyta and Rapidash

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Turning 21 Sunday went well for me.

At midnight, Gelly gave me my last two presents. One was the Ominous Flame pet, which got me the 150 pet achievement! The reward for that achievement was another pet. The Celestial Dragon! A pet I’ve been wanting since I started playing! But the last present was the best. I was speechless. Absolutely speechless. Gelly got the the SPECTRAL TIGER CUB for me!!! I was completely blown away. He is the best, truly he is.

Derek gave me two pets as well, a lovely cake, and 21 fortune cards. He’s such a sweetie.

When raid rolled around, I had my hard strawberry lemonade and everyone in the raid had their beer, spirits, and wine. They were all telling me happy birthday and it was a really fun night. They kept hoping I’d get drunk. I didn’t- not even close. I drank almost a gallon of the lemonade which contained whiskey and vodka. Nothing, only my face went numb ha ha. But everyone in the raid, friends in wow, and others told me happy birthday and made me smile.

My life may not be easy 99% of the time, but I’m just glad that Sunday was great. Everyone made my birthday so special. It’s the first birthday in years that I’ve enjoyed.



Hi everyone, thank you for your patience. We’re getting very close to launching our Kickstarter! Here are a few updates, including specs! 

Due to copious feedback, we have changed Axent from on-the-ear to over-the-ear, and added a small microphone to the cable. 


40 mm driver
20 Hz to 20 KHz frequency response 
15-30 ounces in weight
USB charging or 3.5 mm Jack included

You can sign up to be notified at
You’ll be seeing a lot of changes to the website soon. We’ve been working very hard to bring you the best product that we can! Stay tuned :)




The Best Earrings For Your Face Shape


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꒰ᴒ̴̶̷̤᷇ .̫ ᴒ̴̶̷̤᷆꒰

» BREAKING: September 9th will be officially an entire month since the murder of Ferguson African-American unarmed teenage Michael Brown, at the hands of racist Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson. In this entire month, Officer Darren Wilson hasn’t been heard from, he has literally disappeared. He still has not been arrested, charged, or indicted in the murder of Michael Brown.




The main reason playing pvp on a new server makes me cry. =(

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Isle of Quel’Danas

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by キャラメリゼ・ナイトフィズ
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[x]The Lake Guardians,  Photo Credit [U, M, A]
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